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Counseling Office

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Our Mission Is to Guide Students on the Right Academic Path Through Counseling

Shadow Mountain High School counselors consult with students throughout the school year, and students, parents, and teachers may request meetings at any time. During these meetings, counselors check on the well-being of the student regarding the student's personal, academic, social, and emotional transition in addition to their successes, accomplishments, considerations, and concerns. 

Academic Advisement

Each counselor is assigned to students based on last name. The counselor will monitor the student's academic progress each quarter, assisting students in setting goals and explaining school expectations. Teacher progress reports are reviewed and plans are coordinated for tutoring options or other skill building strategies. Students can continue to follow a successful graduation plan or get back on track by attending night school or online classes.

Curriculum Planning

Counselors and students meet throughout the school year, to register new students, review credits, register for coursework, finalize course choices, and monitor student academic goals. Teachers and parents are also involved in course selection. Counselors review senior transcripts and assist them with the college application process and any other post high school needs. Letters of recommendation can be requested from counselors and teachers as needed.

College and Career Counseling

Counselors assist students with their academic goals, post-secondary plans, and career goals using the Education and Career Action Plan (ECAP) Program. This Arizona Department of Education-approved program assists and guides students through a comprehensive exploration and planning process to ensure a seamless transition from high school graduation to their chosen post-secondary career pathway. This in-depth process implements activities that facilitate self-analysis, career exploration and career planning. The activities allow students to learn and understand themselves better and to make sound decisions for post-secondary career options. Throughout the process, students will be able to connect academic courses and extracurricular activities with their chosen career goals, aligning them with the individual's interests, skills, and values. The plan entails a compilation of academic coursework, extracurricular activities, career ambitions, and post-secondary plans for reaching the student's career goal.

Naviance Student is a comprehensive web-based program utilized by counselors and students to assist with meeting the academic, college, career planning, and research goals of the ECAP Program. Throughout your student's high school career, the counselors will instruct, guide, and assist students step-by step, in the following: creating a four-year high school academic & career plan; registering for the following school year's courses; career research conducted through the career inventories and assessments; exposure to high school, college, and vocational opportunities; and a thorough understanding of the various post-high school application processes.

  • Senior Student ECAPs: Counselors will meet with students individually to go through the college application, or any other post high school process, in order to ensure a painless experience for both the student and the parents in preparation for graduation.
  • Juniors and Senior Students are invited and encouraged to attend presentations from a wide variety of college representatives who visit the Shadow Mountain campus. Shadow Mountain holds a College/Career and Financial Aid Night for parents and students to explore and learn about college and financial planning.

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All discussions and interactions between counselors, students, and parents are strictly confidential except for any information that reveals possible harm to the student or others. At this time, law enforcement professionals, parents, or other professionals may be contacted per Arizona state law.

Social Worker

Social Worker Linda Williamson
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   Linda Williamson


Mindy Titterington 2023
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   Mindy Titterington


Records Clerk

Kim Hall 2023
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   Kim Hall 


Counseling Contacts

Hours: 7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.


Judy Birt 2023
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   Judy Birt

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Lead Counselor

Lead Counselor Janice Coy
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   Janice Coy

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   Kendra Nielsen

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