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Brain Book/Mandatory Athlete & Parent Videos

Brain with text "Mandatory"

Mandatory Requirements

Students must meet the following requirements in order to participate in their chosen sport. Any student that has not met all requirements will not be allowed to participate in their sport until the all paperwork and requirements have been met.

Course Grade Eligibility

All athletes must have passed all classes from a previous quarter. If the students fails a class or classes, there is a 3-week waiting period from the time of grade check until the next grade check. If the student fails the 4th quarter, they may make up the same number of failed classes in school (summer school classes do not have to be the same classes as those failed) – just as long as there are the same number of courses failed.

Mandatory Athlete Course

Upon making the final roster of their chosen sport, athletes must complete the Arizona Interscholastic Association's (AIA) required Concussion/Brain Course.

  • First register as a student of your school before beginning the course.
  • Print out the completion certificate.
  • Turn completion certificate to Athletics Administration Assistant Melissa Kern or:

Brain Book Website

Mandatory Athlete/Parent Video Viewing

All athletes and their parents must view the online Informed Consent & Hazing Videos prior to participation.

Todos los atletas y sus padres deben ver los video de consentimiento informado y novatadas en línea antes de participar.

Student Health Insurance Requirement
(Requisito de seguro médico para estudieantes)

All students are required to have health insurance coverage. If you need to purchase insurance for your student, K&K insurance is an option. You can apply online or pickup an athletics packet from the Athletic Director's office.

Se requiere que todos los estudiantes tengan corberttura de seguro de salud. Si necesita comprar un seguro para su estudiante, el seguro K&K es una opción. Puede solicitar en línea o recoger un paquete de atletismo en la oficina del Director Athlético.