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About Our AVID Program

Advancement via Individual Determination (AVID) is a program that has partnered up with more than 7,000 school districts throughout the U.S. prepares students for college pathways. The AVID program is designed to assist students with the development of skills that are required to becoming a successful college student. The program focuses on and is geared toward teamwork, organization, critical thinking, reading skills, and on growing writing.

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Students are held accountable to the highest standards, and when they are provided academic and social support, they will rise to the challenge.

Mission Statement

AVID's mission is to close the achievement gap by preparing all students for college readiness and success in a global society.

AVID Coordinator/Instructor Bio

Mike Steinkemper has been teaching the AVID elective since 2010 and has been the AVID Site Coordinator since 2018. Mike has been a teacher at Shadow Mountain High School since 2008, and worked in the Behavioral Health field for ten years before becoming a teacher. Mike is highly involved in the Shadow community and loves teaching and working there. He is the head coach for the Boys Golf team and the Track and Field team. He is the sponsor for the AVID club and has been a STUGO class sponsor as well and was the head coach for the Boys Soccer team for five years. Mike is truly passionate about the AVID program and he has a desire to make it stronger every year. He and his colleagues live by the philosophy to prepare ALL students for college and life beyond, and the AVID program helps in this endeavor. Mike prides himself on preparing ALL students to become strong readers, writers, and critical thinkers.

AVID Course Plan

9th & 10th Grades

This is an elective class for students who are college-bound. The curriculum focuses on writing, inquiry, collaboration and reading (WICR). The course involves both teacher and tutor-led curricular activities. The students learn strategies to enhance success such as: note-taking, outlining, writing, speaking, reading, test-taking strategies, and self-awareness are stressed. In addition, the course includes college motivational activities and intensive preparation for the following tests ACT, SAT I and SAT II.

11th & 12th Grades

This is a seminar course for juniors and seniors that prepares students for entrance into four-year colleges by emphasizing analytical writing, preparation for college entrance, placement exams, college study skills, oral language development, note taking, and research. Students are expected to participate in, and eventually act as moderators for, Socratic Seminars. In addition, students are required to make oral presentations to the class on topics related to career searches, contemporary issues, and social concerns, while focusing on a culminating senior paper, portfolio, and/or project.