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About Our Space Force Junior Officer Training Corps (SFJOTC) Program

Do you want to make your high school years more exciting and fun? Well, here’s your chance to do just that by joining Space Force Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps (SFJOTC) where you can explore the intriguing world of civilian, industrial and military aerospace science and have an opportunity to develop essential leadership skills that will increase your opportunities for success after graduation. Shadow Mountain High School’s SFJOTC is a full throttle program focused on “developing citizens of character dedicated to serving their nation and community.”

SFJOTC is a continuing success story. It has grown and touched the lives of thousands of America’s finest students. The program positively influences our community by helping one student at a time through a team effort. The future is full of opportunity for young people who develop the education and skills required to succeed in the Aerospace Age.

Visit the SFJOTC's Website

Visit the Air Force University Website

Instructor Lieutenant Colonel Bones Bio

Lieutenant Colonel (Ret.) William Bones, holds a Bachelor of Arts in Geography and a Master of Arts in Transportation & Logistics, as well as certifications in Cadet SFJOTC and Multi-Engine & Instrument Pilot's License. He has an extended background of field experience in the United States Air Force that include: Inter-Continental Ballistics Missile Combat Crew Commander; Defense Meteorological Satellite Program Division Chief & Executive Officer; Defense Contract Management Agency Quality Assurance; Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps Commander; and North American Aerospace Defense Missile Warning Functional Manager. Colonel Bones has served 7 assignments that include bases throughout California, Montana, Alabama, and Iraq.

Instructor Senior Master Sergeant Hayden Bio

Senior Master Sergeant (Ret.) Chadrick Hayden, holds a Bachelors of Science in Criminal Justice and Master of Science Management, as well as certifications in a Professional Management and multiple security disciplines. Sergeant Hayden has a diverse background in Criminal Justice and Nuclear Security that include: Logistics; Strategic Plans & Programs; Mobility Operations; Quality Assurance and Inspections. Sergeant Hayden has served his country through 12 assignments throughout Wyoming, North Dakota, Illinois, New Mexico, England, Germany, Niger, Kyrgyzstan, Turkey, Bosnia, and France.

Acquired Student Skills

  • Leadership Skills
  • Self-Confidence
  • Discipline
  • Communication Skills
  • Collaborative Skills
  • College Financial Planning Skills
  • Community Service Skills
  • Accountability
  • Time-Management
  • Problem-Solving Skills

SFJOTC Course Plan

Aerospace Science

Aerospace Science studies include aviation history, science of flight, global and cultural studies, exploration of space, management of the cadet corps, aviation honors ground school, and survival. In the study of aviation history, cadets learn about the development of flight and the men and women who contributed throughout the centuries. The science of flight course allows cadets to become acquainted with the aerospace environment, weather, the human requirements of flight and the principles of navigation. Space exploration equips cadets with the basic concepts of space and cyber. Both the science of flight and exploration of space courses complement material taught in high school math, physics and other science-related courses. These courses support the STEM initiative utilizing 21st Century learning concepts. Through global and cultural studies, cadets learn to see their world through many different perspectives; introducing them to world affairs, regional studies and cultural awareness.


Leadership Education includes studies of Air Force tradition, wellness, and foundations of citizenship; communication, awareness and leadership; life skills and career opportunities; and principles of management. The leadership education courses offer cadets many opportunities to shape their lives. They’re introduced to the Air Force organizational structure, uniform wear, military customs and courtesies, flag etiquette, civics and drill. Cadets also learn to think critically, develop effective communications and leadership skills, build personal awareness, learn to build effective teams, and develop behaviors for becoming a credible and competent leader. They learn about the importance of charting a career path, how to create a personal budget and financial plan, how to write a resume, how to interview for a job and how to apply for college.

Health and Wellness

The objective of the Health and Wellness Program is to motivate cadets to lead healthy, active lifestyles beyond program requirements and into their adult lives. Physical fitness is designed to get the cadet up and moving. The program allows the cadet to push their personal limits, compete and earn awards.

Flight Academy Scholarship

Earn your pilot's license before you graduate; only SFJOTC cadets can apply. Must be 16 years of age and capable of meeting medical standards.

Successful Career Pathways

Start your military career now! Enlist as an Airman 1st Class (E-3) with three years of SFJOTC experience.

  • Air Force Pilot
  • Air Force Navigator Field
  • Space, Missile,Command, & Control Manager
  • Air Force Intelligence Officer
  • Logistics Officer 
  • Arts and Humanities Officers
  • Air Force Health & Medicine Officer
  • Air Force Law and Enforcement Officer
  • Future Technologist Field